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Hi THere,I am in the market for an inexpensive (less than $300) underwater camera. I am not a photographer but would like something a little better than the disposables I am using now; and the convenience of a memory card and being able to download directly to a computer would be nice.I would love to hear what your experiences (if any) have been. I know that some of you use your own cameras with underwater housing but that would run into serious $$$.Thanks in advance for your input!


Don’t know if you found one, but I bought one a year ago, the make is Silicone Graphics. Can get them on ebay for about 75 dollars. Uses triple A batteries, SD memory card, and really takes excellent pictures. Have blown several to 8 x 10 and very clear. Had a waterproof Pentax prior and was about 350.00 and pictures were Ok but leaked and I ended up tossing it.

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