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I just received this e-mail from Vicente, the Guest Relations Manager:We were affected by four of them:Fay,Hanna,Gustav and Ike,but generally speaking, there were not many damages,but lots of rain.Tell everybody I´ll pass the word to the managers and we all thank you for your concern.Now and then, we are getting emails asking about our situation.We truly appreciate your thinking about us ,also, in bad times.Thanks again on behalf of all the workers.Guardalavaca was hit and suffered a lot.
Another e-mail from Vicente.Hello,Barry and Kelsey:Thanks for your concern on behalf of all the workers and the Management.We are just fine.Yes,we have been affected by four storms:Fay,Hanna,Gustav and Ike.None hit us directly,but with lots of rain and winds,some had to be evacuated,but we are back to normal again.I also hope no more storms will come our way,because I sort of finished a new house,but our tin roof is not that secure yet,and it´s scary when you hear it rattle and you think the roof is going to fly away and that you are going to loose your few possesions.Just pass the word we are fine and waiting for you.t´s good to hear you are going to be with us soon.In case you´d have preference for a given room,let me know two weeks in advance,I´ll see about it.All the best,


Good to hear Marea was not affected by these last hurricanes. I have seen the after effects from Hurricane Dennis and it took them a long time to recover.

Give my regards to Elena, if she is there, from Janet.

Hi: I have been trying to find out about friends in Marea and was so pleased to find Debbie’s Caribbean page.I am one of a number of nurses who have gone for 17 years to Marea and take medical supplies for the hospital in Pilon and for the workers through Dr. Barbra.Vincent gave me his e-mail so I could check with him re: his insulin supplies and glucometer strips and for whatever reason I can’t get it to work. Would you be willing to either send me his e-mail or send mine on to him & ask him to contact me as we are due to go Oct. 28th & I need to know.

as you are aware likely, mine is [email protected]

So glad to hear that they are okay down there. Thanks

We are heading down there Tuesday morning. I’ll give your email address to Vincent and if for some reason he can’t email you i’ll email you when we get back on the 23

The bars were closed when I was down jsut as Gustav was approaching. I was advised that it was ‘procedure’ to remove alcohol during a hurridane alert and I would have to agree.Others have posted that there were no restrictions on alcohol at their resorts. Who know, es Cuba!

Warning then if going to Marea del Portillo: buy a bottle at the store when you get there, if going during hurricane season.

I’ve read somewhere that alcohol is also removed from the hotel store, so better buy one duty free in Canada if travelling during hurricane season. That is if you can’t live without of course.

Thanks cubafan07. It is already past the day you left, but it was great of you to offer. I’m sure you will have a great time. Cuban’s seem to make the best of everything !

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