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I received an e-mail from my resort (Superclubs Breezes Varadero)….after hounding them via e-mail about the wedding certificate. It’s been a little over 5 months since we were married (April 18), and the certificate has JUST arrived back to the resort. So now it will be mailed to us in Canada. So for all you Varadero brides, I was told that there was a mass amount of weddings in the spring, so the certificates are taking longer to be processed.I’m now wondering in hindsight, if it would have sped-up things if we gave a tip to the wedding officiant? We only tipped the wedding co-ordinators….Jenn

Thanks for the update Jenn! We are also still waiting but doing so patiently – We just moved from Alberta to Quebec, and you can’t change your name here! It is a little hard to deal with but it is ok. We definitely want the certificate so that we feel like it really happened on paper too.
Have a great week!

What do you mean you can’t change your name there? That is crazy!!! That is also such a big move! You did that right before your wedding didnt you?!? I would have been going insane!!

I’ll let you know when exactly ours arrives. Maybe yours was the other one that arrived with ours! :o)

According to the Quebec law:"Spouses’ namesBoth spouses keep their birth names after marriage and continue to exercise their civil rights under that name, i.e. they must use their birth name in contracts, on credit cards, on their driver’s licence, etc. However, women are free however to assume their husband’s name socially. Women married before April 2, 1981 who already use their husband’s last name to exercise their civil rights may continue to do so."Apparently the law is in place in the name of equality. We are going to write our MP to see if anything can be done, as this issue has been in the news lately because other young women would also like to change their names to have the same last name as their children.

It was a big move! We did it a month after the wedding so it was pretty stressful, but it has worked out great for us aside from not knowing French. The do sell beer and wine at the grocery stores and corner stores here though!

Thanks for the update. I’ll be getting married in May 2008 in Varadero. I didn’t think it would take 5 months! Thanks for letting us know, I’ll keep the tipping in mind.


IT’S HERE!!! It arrived on Friday afternoon! So exciting that it’s "Official". :o) So it doesn’t take long once it is mailed from the resort!


We just got ours too! Hooray! They must be catching up because I was married on May 25.
It is definitely official. Now, I just need to have it translated… Where do I do that? I am in Quebec but also work in Ottawa.

Yippee…we’er both official! So I was told about the following website, it’t the Association of Translators and Interpretors of Ontario. www.atio.on.ca/ I haven’t really looked aroung the website yet, but that is the place other brides have told me.

Good luck and congrats!!

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