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HiI need to send copies of our passports and also mine & H2Bs details to Yaly at Playa Pesquero.Is it ok to send these in an attachment in an email to her? Has anyone done this to either Yaly or their wedding co-ordinator at another Cuban resort?

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated as this needs to be done ASAP (I had to get new passport as didnt have the 6 months left on it required by UK when we go and have just got new passport today)


Hi Hayley,If memory serves correct, I think I photocopied my details and sent them via my agent, who then passed them on to Katherine/Yaly@ PP.I can’t see it being a problem sending your details in an e-mail. However, just to be on the safe side I would e-mail Yaly just to confirm.

[email protected]

I also had to get a new passport, as I didn’t have enough months left to travel. Hope this info helpsWhat date are you getting married???


Thanks Antha. We have booked wedding directly with hotel. We get married on 17th Sept!! Its getting closer now so getting more excited.

Have just had phone call to say that wedding rings have arrived! Have got shoes & tiara, wearing mums jewellery…just waiting for dress to arrive!!

You must be soooooo excited!!!! just over 2 months to go. I’m sure the time will fly. I got engaged 3 months prior to our wedding. I couldn’t believe how quickly it came around.

Anyway, enough about me. It sounds like you have got most things sorted out If you have any questions feel free to ask. You can PM me.

Antha ;D

Just one thing check with the airline on how to transport ypur dress. I travelled with First Choice, who wanted me to put my dress inthe main hold. After a little tantrum the captain agreed to put it in his cabin.

I sent mine to Cuba via e-mail. I scanned all the documents and then sent them as an attachment. It wasn’t a problem at all. It is quick and easy…and free!! :o) Good luck!


Thanks very much!We have been given an extra 10kg for wedding attire so can put dress in a seperate suitcase, & mark it as fragile. Getting a letter to say this is complimentary so wont have any probs when its time to come home afterwards (although never had any probs before in Holguin airport but just in case!).I emailed Yaly to ask if it was ok to send email but not heard back yet so think i’ll go ahead & email the docs to her anyway, i’m sure she’ll let me know if there are any problems.Getting excited now….even though its less than 3 calender months away its still 12 weeks away…..dont u just hate 5 week months!!!Got to check if i’m allowed to put bridesmaids dress in with my dress & if tiara, shoes & flowers can go if…if they say yes I want this in writing in case its queried when we are checking in to go Cuba!!I cant believe how unstressed I am about it all, even not stressed about taking my dress as plan to take nice white skirt & top "just in case" and I can wear my dress again when get home for reception.The only thing that is worrying me is about my makeup…i dont wear makeup normally only if going out out. We’ll have been there 5 days (or 4 tanning days) when we get married & I know that I would have a good tan by then so was trying to decide what make up to wear. (Normally I have a pale olive based skin so tan REALLY quickly & go a golden brown colour). Any ideas girls? Any help would be greatly appreciated as really crap at makeup (SIL2B will be putting it on for me…before too much champers has been drunk!!!) I want to look natural but not shiny!!


Hi Hayley,The stress free factor is good. I was very relaxed the week before the wedding. However, I must admit I did go through numerous sleepless nights ???, prior to this…Not sure if I can help in the make-up department. Like you, I only wear it when I go out. I’m dark skinned so I didn’t need to much makeup and wanted to keep a natural look. Bobby Brown do a great range for all skin types. It might be worth while taking a look at their products. Kendals/Selfridges stock their range.Hope this helps


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