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While I am not promoting it’s use……. but for years now American banking institutions would not trade with Cuba so U.S. based credit cards and U.S.D. were either not accepted or carried a surcharge….. Has this altered? Does anyone know? I will still carry CDN $’s and use CUC’s …. but just something I thought about this morning with all the recent changes and thought some of our more recent travellers might know.

…… And to add to that U.S based Insurance agencies and their coverage while in Cuba …… has this hanged also????

Nothing has changed yet regarding the use of US credit/debit cards, but I don’t expect it to remain this way much longer.US cash has of course always been readily accepted with the 10% surcharge and this hasn’t changed either. At the bank $100 USD = 87 CUC same as always. (It’s very easy to get $100 USD = 93 or 95 CUC on the street, and for large amounts a 1:1 exchange is possible.)A couple of US Insurance Companies are making noises about including Cuba in their coverage but as far as I know it hasn’t happened yet. This will change any day too.Cheers,


Change is very slow in Cuba so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

wasn’t iggy …….just wondering… it is not per-say a Cuba change, but a U.S.A. banking & insurance change

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