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With all of the financial uncertainty these days, including businesses declaring bankruptcy, there are a few things travelers can do when booking a vacation package to try to protect themselves in case an airline collapses. I, and many others learned from the demise of Canada 3000, Roots Air, Harmony Air and Zoom Airlines, to name but a few airlines that have gone belly-up in recent years.No one knows which airline may be the next to fall victim to a financial crisis/bankruptcy but there are always plenty of rumours. To protect myself, I:-1) ALWAYS book my vacation packages on my credit card.2) ALWAYS purchase cancellation/trip interruption insurance.

Anyone else have suggestions or words of wisdom which would be helpful to less experienced travelers/newbies?

wossa Guest I think its always good to ensure that the company you decide to book with is also well backed by leading travel associations such as ABTA, ATOL, AITO.I am not sure if these companies operate in Canada but I bet you have something similar ? If you purchase a vacation that is backed by one of these travel associations in the UK, then you should be covered against financial loss should the company fold.I don’t think there is anything wrong in asking directly to the company you are booking with what protection you do have when booking with them. If your still not sure, get on the internet and check their bonding membership out.

Wossa….. ;D

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