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One of my favorite aspects of a trip to Cuba has always been listening to the superb house bands that would play at various times during that day. Lately it seems that many(?) resorts are using cheap and nasty sound systems at the pool and the beach to blast out music similar to what my neighbor’s teenagers listen to :P. The Cuban bands now only play at dinner time.The five star resorts still seem to have a good choice of live music.

What do you think?

I totally agree with you cubavisitor. When I am in Cuba I want to hear the MUSIC of CUBA, any way I can get it. It can be traditional or more modern. You are right about the music played around the pools, reminds me of home!!!! I don’t mind if they play music other than Cuban in the disco, that doesn’t bother me, but it would be nice to hear it more widespread.I thought some Cuban resorts we have visited were bad for this, but we just returned from the DR and I can honestly say, during our entire week, aside from a band in the buffet one night there was no Dominican music period!!! I did however learn the words to many Barry Manilow songs at the pool!!!

I only want to hear latin music when I’m in Cuba – don’t want to hear nothing in French or English!!

I prefer local music as well.

That is part of my reason for travelling to other countries.

We enjoy the house bands during lunch & dinner as well as just prior to the evenings entertainment. But I also like 60’s and easy listening music. What I don’t like is the loud thumping music, especially rap.

Just my opinion …………… maybe I just getting to be THAT old geezer guy ;D ;D ;D

What I don’t like is the loud thumping music, especially rap.

Just my opinion …………… maybe I just getting to be THAT old geezer guy ;D ;D ;D

Rap may be a form of audio entertainment but IMO it’s a stretch to call it music. Guess I’m also getting into the geezer age.

vmontpetit Guest I prefer listening to whatever types of music that they’re into. While I still enjoy the traditional music, it is really overdone and I’m open to listening to any style that the local musicians play. I pick up a few cds each time I visit and usually ask the storkeepers to recommend anything but traditional. There are a lot of different sounds coming out of that country.

Interestingly, many of the younger people seem to like reggae a lot.

This is one of the problems I found in Mexico. They didn’t play any latino music. I was very disappointed and kind of turned off by Mexico. At the resort we stayed in the DR, they played a lot of merengues and bachatas. I guess we were lucky. They did play some reggaeton, too, but I can handle small doses of it. At home, I usually only listen to latino music, so in these countries, I want to listen to the same thing.

I love it when there is a house band. And I even like the strolling musicians in the restaurants.
Last thing I want to hear in Cuba is Celin Dion singing the theme song to ‘The Titanic’…(please….I’m not knockin’ Celine. It’s just an example) ;D
Cuban, of course

There is a wonderful new house band at the Sol Pelicano in Cayo Largo – I was very impressed! Loved listening to them at lunch, while sipping a cold beer and looking out at the beautiful Caribbean sea!

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