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First time ever looked into something like this, but since Barbados all-inclusive is sooooo pricey, I’m checking out a house rental, and wondering if anyone has any advice. We travel with another family, so 4 adults 4 kids, we split the price. has a lovely house called Blue Bayou, sleeps up to 10, includes airport pick-up and drop-off, maid Mon.-Fri, security system,is on the south coast of Barbados in Atlantic Shores ( we have know idea which side is the best) 2 mins. from " Miami Beach" Bridetown is 20mins. away, Sir Grantly Adams Airport is 10 mins away for $1,200. in April for 1 week ( $600. per family). The house really looks beautiful. Have any of you done this before, and what do you think of this place and especially the location.

Hey Sungod…Miami beach is quite a beautiful beach and the area you will be in is far enough away from the hussle and bustle, but still close enough to head into town should you so desire. I’ve been to Barbados a number of times and absolutely ADORE the island. The south coast is the coast you want to be on if you want a lot to do. That’s mainly the mainstream tourist coast. The West Coast is more posh and pricey, with more R & R than adventures to embark on. Don’t get me wrong, my family has a house on the West coast and it’s absolutely beautiful, although I wouldn’t recommend any other coast but the SOUTH for people travelling looking to have a blast. There are plenty of moderately priced restaurants/bars/clubs on the South Coast (no idea how old your "kids" are), but if they’re at an age where nightlife is important, the south is definitely the best choice! You definitely have to go to Oistin’s fish fry on a Friday night (fresh fish cooked up right before you, accompanied by music and wonderful people gathering to have a good time)!

If you have any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to ask. Hope this helps.

Hi Pati:
Hope its okay that I jump in here…..we are planning a trip to Barbados and I so appreciate your information on the "South coast" being the least expensive and more upbeat… girls are 18 and 20, so the nightlife will be important Where would you recommend staying? Any more info you have would be fabulous. Also, do you know how long of a flight it is from Vancouver, Canada? Look forward to hearing back. Feel free to PM me if you would like.

Thanks again, Sandy

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