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I am looking for suggestions, we have promised the kids, 27-16 that next year we will take them on vacation over X-Mas. I am trying to figure out where we should go. The only thing that has been asked is that it not be the Dominican again as we have been there a few times, and that it be adult only. I know that I have seen some that are for 14yrs and up, as well as 16yrs and up. So please give me some suggestions. Thanks.

Ya I know I am already thinking about this so far ahead, but I like to do my homework and see whats out there. Again thanks for any and all information.

If you are flying from Toronto or Montreal, have a look at San Andres Island as an option. There are 6 Decameron hotels that you stay at 1 and play at the other 5 with transportation shuttle included. Its an amazing little island. Lots of info on

Everyone might also enjoy Cancun/Mayan Riviera area….lots to do and see in Mexico. Central America is also fascinating for all ages: Costa Rica, Panama, Roatan, Honduras are some of the places we’ve been that are memorable.

We’ve been looking at San Andres for awhile. Have not seen it offered by any of the travel sites I visit yet. Which resort did you stay at??

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