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Do we need vaccination to go to Nicaragua? Any suggestions for medication to bring? Beside Tylenol…



I don’t know what the doctor would say now if we were to return to Nicaragua, but when we went for the first time four years ago he asked if our Tetanus shot was up to date. We ended up having to get it. If you consider going there you might want to consider taking some insect repellent. The last time we were there we did get bitten when we were on the beach at dusk. No big deal though.

Check with the local Health Clinic in your area and they should be able to tell you what vaccinations you will need. I would be taking everything with me for an upset stomach etc…. Go down your list of possible illness you may get from eatting the food, drinking water etc… It is better to be safe than sorry.

Senorazul: Are you going to Nicaragua? If so, when?


I just wanted some information because I saw great deals for Nicaragua. I didn’t want to be stucked at the airport for not having the vaccination. If you choose a last minute deal, you must have the proper vaccination before.I went to Sol Luna y Mares in Cuba the first week or april.

Maybe next time I will go to Nicaragua or Panama.

When we went to Nicaragua in 2003 we got every shot imaginable, typhoid, hepatitus, malaria pills…no problem with bugs though. Saw a couple of HUGE cockroaches, but no flying insects. I think you would have more problems in Ontario in May than in Nicaragua Take as much medicine as you could possibly need, there is nowhere to buy pepto, imodium, gravol etc.It’s not as bad as Cuba, but it’s best to be prepared.

Where did you see the great package deal? I’ve been looking and haven’t seen anything. I think when we were there in 2003 we were the last flight out. When I told people about it after we came back, Nicaragua was no longer available.

Hi MichelleIt’s no longer available for Montreal as well. But I saw a great deal at the beginning of march (around 900$ with taxes AI). Tempting!… But I wasn’t sure…Maybe next time!

SeƱor Azul

That’s about what we paid from Toronto. If you see it again next year, snap it up! It was a fantastic hotel. The beach goes on forever and there are almost no other people on it. We saw a family digging for crabs and a few locals fishing, but that was all. The day trips were unlike any others we have ever been on. Since it is the only tourist resort in the country everything you see is real, not made up for the tourists.

I am hoping we can go again next year.

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