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We are going to the Royal Decameron and have obtained the Twinrix vaccination for Hep A&B. Can anyone tell me if they got vaccinated for Yellow Fever.

We didnt get any Vaccinations, and as far as I know none are required.The resort, and area is quite clean and bug free. We took bug spray with us for the times we were off resort, but we didnt notice issues with mosquitoes, etc etc.

Was your repellent in an aerosol can or liquid. My husband says there might be a problem with aerosol cans exploding in my luggage! Anyone know?

We took an Aerosol spray in our carry on bag…doesnt matter though we noticed others had lotions as well.
We talked to quite a few people, our travel agent and our Doctor before we left….none suggested that vaccinations were required.

HiKitchenertraveler, I’m surprised they let you get on the plane with aerosol spray ???. I wouldn’t try it in the US…

When we were there a month ago – every day they were spraying the property for bugs. Perhaps this was because they were just coming out of their wet season.
My husband and I each got vaccinated for Hep C before going, on the advice of our doctor. Just a precaution as you can get Hep C just from one ice cube.

My doctor has already told me he will vaccinate me for the Hep A and C. No others are necessary.

Mamabear: Last year the doctor told us before we left to check if there was a malaria warning there. There wasn’t so we didn’t need to take pills. I just finished the second step for Hep A. (I thought it was for Hep C, but I was incorrect.) My doctor said there is no need to go for the Twinrix shot unless I plan on exchanging bodily fluids with someone else.

lol…ok! I’ll find out more about that a little closer to my departure!! I dont plan on doing anything crazy…not unless I want a divorce when I return!

We have never gotten any vaccinations for our trips to Panama and I have been 7 times and to different parts of Panama. I don’t plan on getting any this time, but we did hear that a lot of the tourist from Canada were told to get vacinated.


Veronica:There has been an advertising campaign going on regarding the Twinrix vaccination. They stress ‘all it takes is one contaminated ice cube" in your drink. I personally didn’t get the Twinrix as you may have read in my post. I got the Havrix – which is for Hep A. (What you can get from "one contaminated" ice cube.) I was actually more concerned about that one because we are heading to the DR this coming January.


We didn’t get any vaccinations either time we went to Panama. One of the many things I loved about Panama was the fact that you could drink the water out of the tap and eat the food without fear of catching some nasty disease that would keep you locked in your room for a couple of days hovering near the bathroom. That is a real risk in places such as Mexico and DR for example. They obviously have a great water system in Panama unlike some of the poorer countries like DR.

My husband and I just went to the travel clinic 2 days ago as we will be travelling to the Gamboa Rainforest resort on the 20th of this month. We were told that the mosquitoes that spread yellow fever and malaria are there but at such a low level (around the canal zone) that they did not recommend vaccinations. However, Dengue fever is a risk. This is also spread by mosquitoes (biting during the day). There is no vaccination and no cure. Thus, make sure you take along and use a good insect repellent (25-30% Deet). Another thing I found out: Do not apply a cream-based sunscreen and a Deet insect repellent within a half hour of each other. There is some research to support the idea that the cream base increases the absorption of the Deet into the body. I bought an alcohol-based sunscreen (Coppertone Sport GEL). I was advised to apply the sunscreen, wait at least 30 minutes and then to apply the Deet insect repellent. Most of the diseases being discussed here are spread by mosquito bites. Depending on the mosquito, they tend to bite at certain times of the day or night. Moral of this story? Use insect repellent!!!! As far as the Hep A….this is a very wise idea. I live in Waterloo, Ontario. Last year, one of the co-workers contracted Hep A from a local restaurant! You can pick it up anywhere.

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