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Let me start off by saying that I travel with 3 other girls for a yearly trip to Mexico/Caribbean. We all read the reviews for the Valentin; I guess that is why we were so disappointed with our stay. We had reserved 2 Golden Jr. Suite rooms, but when we arrived at the hotel, the rude manager informed us that we did not reserve these rooms. For 3 hours we were on the phone with GOGO’s and our travel agent to get the matter resolved. The manager at the front desk downgraded our rooms even though we could prove that we did indeed purchase the Golden suites. The following day, Valentin finally admitted to their mistake, but we were never placed in our reserved rooms. Throughout our whole stay we needed to be by my cell phone because our end was trying to rectify the problem. While we were at the pool, we found 2 other parties that this had happened to. Disturbing to say the least. How could all of the reviews posted be so good, yet we and 2 other parties that we know of, have such a horrible experience. I would never recommend this hotel to anyone. The hotel is nice, the other service people are nice, the beach is nice, and the pool is nice. But when you encounter a front desk staff that was rude, non-accommodating, and wrong, it is not worth any amount of money. We have been travelling since 1999 on these trips, and we have never encountered a problem such as this. Normally, if the hotel makes a mistake, they upgrade you…not the Valentin. At first, they would not admit that they were wrong. And once they did admit that they were wrong, we never received an apology or our confirmed rooms. In fact, it is 1 week after the vacation, and we are still in contact with our travel agent and GOGO’s. I don’t know if this will get posted because it is a negative comment, but please be aware, this hotel does not live up to all of the comments that you read. At first I thought that we were just having a bad experience, but when we found out that we were not alone in how rudely the front desk treated us and did not accommodate our reservation, we knew it was a problem bigger than just our reservations for 2 Golden Jr. Suites. I urge you not to stay at this establishment. You might get lucky and encounter no problems, but then again, you could be like us and others that were vacationing there and have problems. Problems in itself are not bad, but when the hotel does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to rectify the problem, well then, that is a whole different problem. Whenever you are spending the type of money that you are…you deserve the reassurance that the staff at the hotel will do anything that they can to make your stay a pleasant experience. This hotel will not do that. Please look elsewhere. You deserve to be treated wonderfully and you can experience that at other hotels in Mexico and the Caribbean. Two places I can recommend in Mexico: Iberostar Maya and Adventura. As far as the Caribbean: hands down Marriott in Aruba. Enjoy

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