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We have travelled to Mexico, Costa Rica. Dominican Republic. This was our 12th time to Cuba, 10th time to varadero (third time this year). This is the worst place we have ever stayed! Between the rotting concrete, mold issues and no water (hot or drinking water) Hotel Internacional is not an advertised four star, nor does it even come close. The food was horrible and repetitive in the buffet and if you didn’t get there when they opened, they ran out! The al a carte was better but seating was at 8:00 at night…to late for us! Shame on Gran Caribe for not recognizing that there are significant problems and health issues at this hotel….the reason it is hard to find reviews on this hotel, is most people demand to be moved somewhere else! Do not recommend anyone stay here! I would rate it 2 star or less!

Room Number:

Middle of the night….dark dingy lobby! Very surprised at the shape of the whole hotel, peeling paint, mold, mold and more mold, cracked concrete, paint peeling of the paintings on the wall, only one vacuum for the whole hotel (carpet in the hallways was disgusting), leaking water from the ceiling in the lobby, few palapas, most beach chairs broken, no toilet seats in the cabaret and no toilet paper in the dispensers.

Antiquated is all I can say! Other than the mold in the curtains, bedspread, tub and most of the walls! The hair dryer. no kidding, is in the museum in the town we live in (at least we had one…most rooms didn’t). No alarm clock. Sheets never changed the whole week we were there. Towel bar fell off. Toilet didn’t flush well, tub didn’t drain. Air conditioning was so loud we left it off. We asked to change rooms but every time we were told, maybe tomorrow and gave up determining we wouldn’t get any better. In the bathroom, the only thing separating us from the room next door was the mirror on our wall. We could here the people next door like they were in our bathroom.

Restaurants and Bars:
Good drinks at the bars but there is usually a shortage of glass and you get really cheap, little plastic (unless you bring your own). The restaurant….what can I say….repetitive and very sparse. If you don’t get there early, food is gone! Lots of people had there own cereal, granola bars, ketchup and peanut butter from home and survived on that. Pretty pathetic actually! An all inclusive with very little or poor quality food…supposed to be 4 star….absolutely no way!

The only thing good about the hotel is that it is right on the beach and if you are on the beach side it is a great view! The pool is ok but the bathrooms have no toilet seats, no toilet paper (or dispenser) and no soap!

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The poor evening entertainment staff had to do their show on the terrace….it is extremely dangerous because of the concrete. It is cracked and uneven…surprised someone isn’t seriously injured!

Other Comments:
We went with our ‘Cuban’ expectations as we have been to Varadero many times and couldn’t believe how bad it was…most people left and went somewhere else. The beach was deserted in front of the hotel!

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