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I have US friends coming to Montreal in July. They will fly to Varadero and want to visit Havana for 2-3 days. Do you know any web link from Varadero that selling the 2-3 days Havana tour. Which hotels in Havana that center to everything. Thanks for your input.

Thanks. Do you know any American tourists boarding a plane from Canada to Cuba? Do they have any issues from Canada ticket agents (Air Canada, Sunwing, Air Cubana) or Canada custom.

Americans travelling to Cuba via Canada (or for that matter, any other country) have no issues whatsoever. Absolutely zero problems.Cheers,


And yes, they’re issued a Tourist Card the very same as everyone else, no worries.Cheers,


Thanks Terry, my friends finally booked for Varadero and take one day Havana trip from the hotel. I let you know when they return in July.

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