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Chavez is forcefully seizing seaports and airstripsThe measure also prohibits states and municipalities from collecting tariffs or tolls at transportation hubs or on highways, cutting off a key source of funding for local projects that could otherwise compete with federal handouts.Unfortunately, a beautiful country that I have wanted so badly to visit will not be getting my tourism dollars. IMHO, I want my money to go to the locals, not to a socialist president, with a manic ruling hand.Until something changes in Venezuela, I don’t even feel safe traveling there.


Chavez, goal is to seize as much money that is not regulated by him that he can.He will go to every extreme that he can to capitalize on tourism dollars. His first step, was merely shown with the seizure of airstrips and ports.Aside from his pure hatred for the American Government, travel has not been encouraged. And, aside from my lack luster for Chavez, I still intend at some point to visit.The state of YOUR country, should not be blamed on mine. That is outlandish, and simply an irresponsible remark.Your opinion pits, several countries against America. Do you live in several countries that you can form an opinion for them? That is sad, but IMHO if you need my country to be YOUR scapegoat…well thats a warped world you live in.


Being a Canadian, I don’t really see putting what Chavez is doing on the same playing field with the "Bush years" as even being in the same game. Yes Bush did some hurtful things as have our leaders over the years. The leaders of our two countries have never gone to the extent that Chavez is going to. He is tieing the very hands of the people he claims to be supporting. Take a look back over the years and you will see many different things (too many to list here) that the leaders of both the US and Canada have done, that make us sit back and wonder where their heads were, but they haven’t been so "in your face" about it either. You may feel you are spending your money with the locals, but you know he will end up in thier pockets at some point. Having said that, bickering between our two countries will settle nothing, and pointing fingers across our border will settle even less. I feel free to travel there as you should feel free to travel here. We all have our own beliefs which makes us individuals, what a fun place it would be if everyone had to think and act the same way……..didn’t someone already try that one many years ago and it really started a big old fight.Just my 2 cents worth

Jake, eh

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