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Arrival Our arrival went just fine. I have been to the DR a few times so I knew the routine. My driver was there waiting with my name on a card. I was whisked VIP style to the private VIP entrance. Check in was quick and we were in our room fast.


Clean and tidy. Housekeeping every day. My housekeeper learned my routine in one day. She came whenever I left. The bed was very comfortable. Good sheet’s great pillow’s. Large TV with lots of choices. Hot shower’s, So hot you could get burned if not careful.

Restaurants and Bars

The food was OK nothing to brag about, but nothing to complain about either. The restaurants you have to make reservation’s for need some help. The food was OK but not anything special. The Mexican was the better of the three.


The beach and pool. Well, all you have to do is look. They have a view any resort would love to have. Sousa beach is a picture postcard.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel

We were there for two weeks and we did a lot of tours. We went on the quad tour, white water rafting, a day trip to Paradise Island, and a jeep tour. All were a great adventure. Remember everything that goes wrong or is out of the norm, only makes for a great story. Just keep in mind you are in a foreign country and S#@T can go wrong. Know your limits. One word of advice book you trip outside the resort. Mel’s tour’s is all over the area and you will save big money. I was talking to a couple from Canada they were quoted $80 per person for a party of eight to go to Paradise Island, from the resort. I took them to Mel’s, and they charged them $55 each. That’s real cash. The BS story about insurance is just that BS. The deposit you give when you book is for the Ins. There is no difference booking anywhere. They all go to, and are the same tour’s. The only difference is what YOU pay.

Other Comments

My only complaint comes from the guest’s. The custom of putting towels on chair’s to claim them for the day is ridiculous. The unwritten rule is after six in the morning they send their wife’s down to put towel’s on a group of beach chairs. Well even this stupid and selfish practice is taken advantaged of. Some do it before they go to bed around 12pm. Then they might not even use the chair’s until the afternoon. Not allowing anyone else access to a lousy beach chair. Well I must come clean. My friend’s and I usually came home around 3am and would see this nonsense going on. So we would collect towels and return them to the point of pick up. Personal items such as shoes and hat’s we simply toss in the ocean. Except for the beautiful Cancun Mexico towels, those we kept. So,so,so, Sorry,,,, NOT

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