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Topes de Collantes, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus

"a disappointment"
Posted by: ward on Jun 11, 2014
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All I can say right now is that this was a disappointment to what I was looking forward to. The cabins are old and a bit run down and needs improvement ASAP. I don’t know why but I feel like I was not wanted in the place as the front desk personnel was a bit rude. In my opinion, this is the place you go to when you do not have a choice or when you are stranded. The room was large and spacious but the building looks really old and requires repair as soon as possible. My room was facing the back of the building and I couldn’t sleep because of some loud and lousy people talking outside. The phone in the room was not in working and I didn’t bother trying on any other thing since I had made up my mind that I was leaving the next morning and I did. It was supposed to be a fun filled holiday for me and I was not about to let this run down place ruin it for me so I left the next day. The breakfast buffet here had just limited options that I couldn’t understand and the dinner was even worse. If there is a way for you to avoid this place then it is better for you unless you don’t have a choice then you can come here. I suggest you save yourself the trouble, i do not recommend it to anyone. I will not be coming back here again.

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