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Arrived Dec. 22, 2007 and left on Jan 5, 2008. Only 1 negative comment, that was the skeeters!! My husband and I are in our 50s, our 21 year old daughter came with us. Resort was very good, what we expected for a 3 star. Meals were excellent, much better than a 5 star in Varadero! Lots of fresh fruits & veggies, Freshly prepared meats & Fish, lots of varity and nothing ever back as leftovers the next day. Christmas & New Year were fabulous feasts, Rock lobster, Beef Wellington, turkey, pork, shrimp, etc etc, all you could eat. Daily desserts were Soooo good, Bananas Foster every day! The shore line & Beach were unbeleivably beautiful and sand SO perfect!! Staff was great! Everone went out of there was to give us a perfect holiday. My husband has had a stroke and can only walk short distances with a cane or uses a wheelchair, we had some problems with the chair as the pathways were not all level. They moved us so we were close to everything for him to walk. Room was great, basics but a lovely large walk in shower with bench also a bidet. we had a connecting door to my daughters suite. We were in a 2 apt duplex, hers and ours. As mentioned the only negative part of this vacation was the insects. There was some little insects- salt water mosquito maybe?? that would come out in the evening and bite. As a Canadinians we had some immunity but the Europeans had none. we had small itchy bumps but they got huge red welts that they couldn’t or wouldn’t stop scratching. Husband got none, I got about 20 – 30 around ankles and on upper arms, daughter had maybe 100 everywhere and they drove her and myself crazy. On advice of staff we went to Dr at the resort, he confirmed they were mosquito bites, gave us antihistamines to stop itching and cortizone cream for $46.00 cuban dollars. We also bought a bug spray at the store for a couple of bucks. If you are going down take some bug spray from home as it is better here and also anti- histamines and anti itch cream. It didn’t ruin our holiday but …. I wish we had known ahead. I don’t think we would go back because of the bugs, but we did have a wonderful vacation except for that… oh yes and also just hated all the smoking people from Quebec. Throwing their butts everywhere, smoking like chimneys, Yuck!!

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