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Check in was fine. We were supposed to have a free upgrade to bungalow but staff didn’t seem interested in listening to our request. They said the hotel was full. Everyone must have hid in their rooms all week

Our shower was broken. They did fix it same day we complained. Beds were lop sided & one broken. Sheets were not changed all week. We saw hair in one of them & stains before we slept in them. Who knows when they were cleaned last. I took my sheets right off the bed hoping they would change them. I watched from my balcony. They didn’t. We had clean towels maybe twice all week. They kept saying, sorry no clean towels. We had the same beach towel all week. They said sorry no clean towels. They had a sign at the towel hit. NO CLEAN TOWELS. Even with a hut full of clean towels. I asked one day. They said no sorry no clean towels. I was very annoyed. I guess the clean ones were for new guests or VIPs maybe. Very annoying. They cleaned our room & obviously used dirty water to mop cause it stunk so bad I sprayed perfume everywhere & it still stunk. Gross!! There was hair in our shower that wasn’t ours. The cleaning services were way below par

Restaurants and Bars: The food was not very good. I’ve been to Cuba 3 times & this resort twice. It wasn’t this bad before. There was no butter on the resort we were told. We payed extra for lobster trying to get some decent food. They put gravy on our lobster. The food is already flavorless. They really need butter. They had it last year. We were told there’s new management. Seems like they’re having money issues. The guy making sandwiches at the bar was so slow he was going backwards I think. He picked the toppings up one at a time. One piece of onion, one piece of pepper. Give me a break. He put like two little pieces of onion on a sandwich. Wow. Rediculous. It was painful to watch. Last year the sandwiches were great.

The pool bar closed at 10:30 & they stopped doing the disco. Very disappointing. We really enjoyed the disco last time. If I’d know. Of these changes I wouldn’t have gone back this time

The beach is nice. Extreme amount of sand fleas especially at night. Stay off the beach at night. Bug spray doesn’t even help. There were not even close to enough lounge chairs. We had to search everyday for two. Rediculous. Lots of broken ones that couldn’t be used & were just left on the beach. There weren’t even that many people it seemed & still not close to enough longe chairs. We walked to the Iberostar resort next door ‘ they had probably 3 lounge chairs for every person. Much nicer resort

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: The disco being closed really sucked. It seemed like they didn’t want people to dance. We tried at the lobby bar but they made it difficult with long pauses between songs. People who wanted to dance just gave up & sat down. Sad.

The ping pong equipment & pool table balls were put away early & no one seemed to know how to get them out for us to use. Very boring resort. Staff seemed clueless

Other Comments:
Last year when I went to this same resort I had no complaints except maybe there could have been more lounge chairs. This year I was very disappointed. Too many changes for the worse. I will never return to this resort. I am very easy going & a very happy traveller. They made it difficult to enjoy this resort

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