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Hello all. Was searching for prices for Cayo Largo yesterday and was surprised to see my old favourite resort Villa Coral, now known as Bravo Villa Coral, is being offered again. We, like many, were disappointed when the Italian tour company took it over and we could no longer go. They did do some renos which it definitely needed. We walked around it last year and noticed how dead it was. I was hoping it would come back to being offered to us, but was surprised it was so soon.Would love to hear from anyone who ends up going. One of the biggest negatives I can see that will stop people from going, at the moment anyway, is the price. They are actually pricing it above the Sol. At that price, I won’t be trying it over the Sol. It used to be the least expensive resort on the island. I hope they wise up and bring that price down!

Anyway, thought I’d post about it. Hope all of my old friends on here are well!

It’s a lovely property with over $1,000,000 in upgrades including a new Ranchon in the area just before Soledad. I know some of the old staff including massage, are still there. The 2nd floor rooms with the huge decks are still there too. Eeeefarm, it’s calling you!
Ranchon renovated looked really nice. Yes there was not too many Italian tourists when I was there as well and I was wandering when Canadians will be able to go again. Beach is very nice in front of the hotel and I hope that now many Canadians will be able to enjoy this property. Thanks for update and sharing this news with us!

I did find it by checking the Nolitours site. Pretty pricey! I would want to know where you would be housed. I like the old units that are practically on the beach, and I wouldn’t want to pay that much to be anywhere else…..

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