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Hotel Villa Cuba has a special place in my heart because it’s the very first place I ever stayed in Cuba exactly 15 years ago. Now it’s a special place because I was married there on the 27th of April! It was FANTASTIC! They were amazing! Villa Cuba has changed dramatically over the years and all for the good! The hotel, the bars, buffet and restaurants! Wow! Over the years I’ve watched the building of the hotel, the uprades of the villas and increase in staff. I’ve also watched guests return repeatedly because they get the same welcoming no matter if they’ve visited Villa Cuba once or twenty times! The staff are terrific! I somehow managed to get into an argument with one of the staff and it was all she could do to work to resolving our conflict! The management team to the gardeners have all become friends and even if we weren’t getting married, they would have been just as interested in us. Because of the wedding, we were upgraded to an ocean-view, jacuzzi suite and the view was spectacular! Having the suite really came in handy for entertaining all 22 of our guests during our stay! We have eaten at all the restaurants on-site except La Fonatana (Italian) because I am of italian descent and hate the way Cubans cook pasta, generally speaking. The others offer good food and service that is a nice break from the buffet. Speaking of which, the buffet gets better all the time: it offers a lot of vegetables, fresh grilled fish, (actually, a number of freshly grilled things), rice, potatoes and pasta bar. For lunch though, I would say that the grilled chicken with Moros y Cristianos and salad, at the beach bar "El Sitio", can’t be beat! If you ask the bartender for a shot of lime juice and sprinkle it on your meal, this is the closest you can ever get to a ‘real’ Cuban meal at any hotel in Cuba! The beach is like none other – need I say more? The sand feels like silk between your toes and the water? It’s unmistakably the colour of Windex every single day! I have never been in the pool as I prefer to be a beach bum, but friends says it’s great because it’s not as strongly chlorinated as ours in Canada. Villa Cuba calls us back time and again for one other simple reason: when I go on vacation I want to KNOW that there are a number of "animacion" options available to me, but I don’t want to be hassled to get involved if all I really want to do is lay under my favourite palm tree and have a nap. Villa Cuba staff are great at determining the entertainment needs of each and every guest and respecting your choices. I really respect this! The only criticism I have is the hairdryers…I will bring my own on my next Cuban adventure! I look forward to seeing the completion of the latest renovations that are taking place! Gran Caribe ALWAYS does something great with its properties!

See you there soon…

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