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I have never had such a horrible trip in my life. Upon arriving to our room, we find live wires behind the bed touching the sheets with lamp still working plugged into it, our fridge was smoking when turned on, and our safe did not work as well as no hot water. We complained and moved rooms to the seventh floor. We were happy in this room until 3 days later I got food poisoning and had to see the doctor for an injection and antibiotics. I was sick for 3 days and the second day when it was the worst, the front desk called us at 9pm told us to pack up our stuff and come to the lobby. My husband called back down to ask why and they said we need to move urgently because the roof needs to be fixed. So sick as all hell, I pack up my things in between vomiting and move 2 floors down into a room with two beds ( not the honeymoon suite we were promised). We pushed the beds together and made the best of it. Things were going ok for the rest of the week so we bought some excursions. We did the Trinidad excursion overnight tour. We come back to the room to find our keys changed out and we cant get in. Maintenance had to fix the door, once we got into the room we found large clumps of thick black hair in our shower and my shower gel open and used. Some one had showered in our room while we were gone thank god we had our valuables with us. On top of all this the elevator broke at least 10 times and we had to heat or hot water the entire trip. The hotel was over capacity due to another hotel beside ours being shutdown while it was full so we had no clean towels. There were at least 20 cats outside the buffet and inside the lobby which gave me ring worm on my back which i noticed when i got home. I spoke with the consierge of the hotel and told her "it is not right to claim to be a 4 star hotel and not have even the basic ammenities of a 2 star, like heat hot water, towel, bottled water for guests" she replied saying "it is owned by cubans and there is nothing you can do about it". After being so ill at the hotel, two weeks after we got home I started having stomach spasms and severe heart burn with chest pain. My doctor said I have a damaged stomach lining and now have acid reflux, he is not sure if this will ever go away. so thank you villa cuba for ruining my honey moon and my health!

never would I ever recommend this place to anyone who wants to live a normal life afterwards. It is filthy, dangerous, and a waste of money. We ended up spending an extra 3000$ to stay away from this hotel during our trip. I hope no one goes through what I have gone through.


dirty, full of ants, live wires, broken heaters, black stained tubs, no clean sheets or towels.

Restaurants and Bars:
claims to have filtered water but not sure, staff were great though and drinks were good.

pools were clean, grounds were clean but worn out, needing renos and updates some dangerous areas.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
excursions were amazing!!

Other Comments:

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