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It is supposed to be a 4 start hotel, but for sure one of the stars is a part of the Cuban flag, has nothing to do with the quality of the hotel. The week that we stayed at the resort the weather wasn’t great and we couldn’t enjoy the beach (which is only good part about the actual resort), so we stayed at the bar most of the time. To be honest there is nothing and I mean nothing to do at this place, so if you don’t have a great company with you, don’t even think of this place. So where do I start; the games room, with games which are dangerous for you and your kids. The elevators, where 2 out of 4 were broken the whole time, my friends managed to get stuck in the other two twice, and on the last night one of them went down with 5 people inside – I didn’t see any ambulances, but even if everybody is ok, this is not away to spend your vacation in the rollercoaster ride down the elevator shaft. The common area washrooms were dirty, no towels, soap or toilet paper, and some of them were so stinky – you could not even enter them.

Rooms: Rooms, first of all we couldn’t get a room, then we spent hours switching rooms looking for something appealing. The one that we settled in was in the main building and actually had warm enough water to take a shower ( after waiting for 5 – 10 mins, letting the cold water run down). But our friends were not so lucky and the only warm water they had was in the actual ocean.

The room was not sound isolated, so if somebody was making noise outside (and lots of people did (all the time)), you will hear the noise very well, from 8 AM till 3 AM.

Restaurants and Bars:
Unfortunately I had worst food than these one, but it gives no credit to this place. The entire menu was %99 the same every day, so if you like same, tasteless food over and over again than you will be fine. The food is OK, but far from being enjoyable. I went to other resorts where after first round in a buffet you will go again wondering what should I take since you not too sure what you like the most, in this place it was the opposite, you would go back, cause you didn’t like anything and wonder which food was okay enough so you could actually eat it and get enough energy to function till the next meal…

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The activities and entertainment, hmmm, I’m not sure if bingo is a considerable activity, all other stuff is not even worth mentioning. Considering the fact that the weather was bad I would expect more, or at least something, but whatever they did was very poor and not professional.

Other Comments: With all due respect the entire thing scores no more that 2 stars, comparing to any other place I’ve been to and I’ve seen few dozen hotels around the world.

If you get a deal for a week under 500 bucks, flight and taxes included, you will get your money worth, otherwise don’t even think about it!

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