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Is anyone heading there in the next few weeks?

We have decided to visit Cayo Largo this winter. It’s been on our radar for several years. We’re looking at the Pelicano but holding off for a bit to see what the reviews are like for the Iguana which is re-opening this week. I know there are many Cayo Largo fans here and was wondering what your impressions are of the location and especially the beach at the Iguana. I generally avoid a newly opened resort but we are intrigued by the Iguana and won’t be going until February. We like smaller resorts and we can get an ocean view for a pretty good price. I realize that I’m asking for speculation and not first hand knowledge but I’m still curious to hear what you think. We’ll be following things for the next couple weeks and would love to hear from anyone who is taking the plunge and going there soon.

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It’s rebuilt from the destruction of cat 4 Hurricane Michelle on Nov 4, 2001. Smaller than before and smaller than some of the other spots and appears to have two personalities. The new Cabanas and the lovely CO Capricho beach being advertised as adult while the renovated buildings and pool are closer to the point and the beach to the right at Bravo/EdenVillage/IslaDelSur, not CO. I’m thinking the night life won’t be extensive but the possibilities of finding a party with Italians at Bravo or Quebecers at Playa Blanca are excellent as it’s a short walk to either. 350m to the West or 1 Km to the East. Here’s what it looked like a couple of years ago when the most storm-damaged buildings were being removed:

And a shot of the cabanas under construction then:

Quite a few of our CL regulars will be checking it out later this month and I’m sure the reviews will pour in.


Thank you, Spunky!

This trip will just be the wife and I and we are looking for peace and quiet, enjoying the beaches and early nights. Although you never know who you may run into and we’re not opposed to a couple late nights with new friends.

We will be watching for reviews and watching prices.

Here are a couple of beautiful views:

From Playa Blanca after a storm:

Back towards Playa Blanca from Iguana:

and the other side towards Bravo:


The beaches are what is drawing us to Cayo Largo. We’ve done Cuba several times and are happy with the basics. Planning to visit Paraiso, Sirena, and getting out to the eastern beaches. How does the beach at the Iguana compare to the Pelicano? The old pictures I’ve found look pretty nice. I know that that area can be rough at times but it’s a good excuse to get out and spend a day at another one.

The Beach on the Capricho side has been big for years. However, a storm can change all of that. Pelicano is in a bit of a cove so the waves are less intense and sand tends to be deposited there first after a storm. Nice thing is you can walk to Paraiso if you like to walk. We took a rental jeeplet and piled 6 of us and our gear for a trip to Paraiso to do some snorkeling. 4 people in a mini-jeep is a tight fit. Needless to say, we were all close friends after that and 5 of us took that Suzuki to the East beaches later: Here’s the East beach just beyond the landfill:

If you want to play in the surf, bring a couple of extra pairs of sunglasses. Don’t worry about losing your suit … no one will care. LOL

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We love Cayo Largo. Nice photos Spunky.

Wondering if anyone has come across reviews for the Iguana. I’ve been searching and following the Facebook page but have come up empty.

We’re still on the fence between the Iguana and the Pelicano and were hoping to see some first impressions to help us decide.

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