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If you like peace and enjoy love this is the spot

Room Number:

Is 500m from the airport making it virtually acessible on foot… but you better find a bus (we had a ride from a bus that was going to take passengers to the catamaran trip , departing form marina Las Brujas)

big enough, cousy, EXCELENT views (if you pay extra 4CUC for the room), clean, and have i mencioned the view?…

Restaurants and Bars:
At the time it was inaugurated the restaurant, so eating at the marina and at the restaurant served by the same persons, i have to say that the Marina having no conditions in case of rain is far more scenario thus enjoyable. The restaurant is to untipical (exccept for the vitrals)

the beach was virtually unspoiled (two huts and… that was it) for us idillic, but when we left we saw workers startint to build a few more huts along the beac (like 20!!!)

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
The catamaran trip (80CUC per person in a crowded boat? it must be rememberable!) and nothing else a side your imagination

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