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I have started looking at a trip Feb- March 2008 and cannot find any site that is offering the Villas from Toronto… just the hotel….. any body know why

Hhhmmmm…. your correct. Maybe it’s too early just yet. But I think the villas are in big demand. The 2 times we stayed there, the villas were the way to go, so much extra room. (and a BIG fridge for supplies ;D)

Yes villas are much nicer… we were in them in 2006.

Barracuba… was that marina fire a month or so ago where you have your boat?

Luckily no. That was Lasalle Park Marina, up in the harbour. We’re off of the lake in Stoney Creek. Terrible though, vandals, they should show no mercy to them.

Very true… we had some light a fire behind our house a few weeks ago, luckily it spread only to the brush and woodlot, not to any homes or the school. Luck of the way the wind was going

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