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I arrive at the busy main street of Caberate with Martin Espinal, my excellent chauffeur and guide from Asaira Tours. Cabarete is the “kite surfers centre” of the Dominican Republic, or better said, the perfect destination for couples and families consisting of a (kite) surfing enthusiast and those who rather chill out on the beach with a book and an umbrella drink. The front of the hotel looks slightly scruffy but by the time you check out the inside of the building and awe at the décor at the back where the beach is within reach, this detail has turned completely insignificant. After all… who looks at the front of a hotel while on vacation?

Your Arrival: Check-in is superfast and friendly. Before I know it, I can put down my backpack on the (first) floor of room # 209.

Rooms: My large room, decorated in Mexican style, has two comfortable queen size beds and a sizeable balcony with two white plastic chairs and a small table. From here I can overlook the small but clean pool area and see the beach and water through the tall vegetation and the ever-present palm trees. Like always I inspect the cleanliness underneath the bed. Perfect! The spacious bathroom and shower with sparkling white tiles could use a glass shower wall. After my first shower it becomes clear that the flimsy shower curtain is useless in preventing a wet mess on the floor. The satellite television works great and without any noticeable interference. I had to pay a 50 Euro deposit for the well-stocked minibar

Restaurants and Bars: The restaurant and bar are located right on the beach meaning you can have your breakfast in the morning while sticking your toes in the sand and enjoying a fantastic setting. Of course you can also have lunch and dinner here. After trying various dishes and drinks I came to the conclusion that hotel Villa Taina offers tasty food and good portions at reasonable prices. The staff is friendly and always on stand-by to engage in a light or in-depth conversation. The restaurant, bar and staff earn my maximum score.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Pool The pool and pool area are rather small and because of the many nearby plants, I imagine it gets kind of hot, real fast. There was nothing wrong with the pool but I did not feel like taking a splash. Beach The hotel beach is fantastic, super cozy and has something to offer to everyone. No matter if you want to relax in the sun or on the terrace, play volleyball or enjoy an afternoon of “kiting”, Villa Taina has it all organized for you. The hotel certainly seems to be able to offer the best over-all facilities in the area.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: In terms of activities, Villa Taina greatly benefits from the presence of the Cabarete Wind Sports Club and School owned and operated by the German Franz Fix who came here 20 years ago to surf for a year and, consequently, never returned to Germany again. If you want to surf or do some kite surfing, Franz is the man to talk to. He also teaches novices. It takes about 5 days to learn kiting, although Franz Fix claims that some of his students mastered the technique in just three days. A package of two-hour lessons will set you back around 300 Euro.

Service:: The large numbers of cameras on the beach, in the bar, restaurant and even the in hallways of the hotel guarantee safety during your stay. Beside the fact that I felt comfortable and right at home at the Villa Taina, I certainly appreciated these extra safety features. The staff was also really helpful catching a couple of friendly salamanders that managed to sneak into my room. One call to the front desk and assistance is on its way. Owner Claudia can be proud of here staff.

Hotel Villa Taina is a gem, situated on the best location in Cabarete Beach!

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