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I have read a few of the reviews and wonder what these people are talking about! This is Cuba, not Los Vegas. If you want to dazzel, go to Vegas. The villa is clean, even though we noticed fellow Canadians much to our horror were in a few cases real pigs. That was hard to see. We went after people picking up plastic cups, straws and paper plates. I wonder how they live at home. The staff was amazing, polite and went over and above in the treament of the guests, even when the behaviour was questionable by the guest. The food was as expected, not wonderful, but there was always a good selection and filling. There are plenty of eating establishments withina ten minute walk from the resort. We have never gone to Cuba for the food anyway. The beach was lovely, but due to an awful storm, jellyfish were washed up on the beach for a few days, that too passed. The entertainment was wonderful, a real hard working and talented bunch of dancers and a lady who sang like an angel. We were offered a special treat while we were there, They had a man from Canada doing an Elvis Presley show! He was fantastic! We all had a great time, will go back many more times, room great, view of the ocean, TV great tons of channels, walks in the sunshine, unbelievable!

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Bring your own toilet paper, also can bring a kettle

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