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Because we are going to villas Jibacoa, I would like to look into getting an underwater camera. Digital is my preference. Does anyone know where I can buy one, a cheap one, I don’t do any snorkeling other than while in Cuba so I’m not looking to spend big bucks and because it’s only for snorkeling I don’t need one for deep water pressure

Got one for about $100 at Future Shop. So true about the LCD screens. Between the glare and non-prescription mask the camera becomes a real point and shoot, but its easy to take lots of pics and delete the bad ones later. Be sure and get a floaty or wrist strap for the camera.

My snorkel buddy had the screen go out on hers, but the camera still worked. It was fun to check out the camera card at the end of the day and see what she had captured. Surprisingly, some pretty good shots!One thing to bear in mind that all of these cameras will eventually leak. I have had pretty good luck in that department, but have managed to kill a couple. The Canon D10 (no longer available except at inflated prices) is my favourite, and I picked up a tip off the internet when my first one (I have two) started to act up. I sealed the usb port with silicone epoxy and it hasn’t missed a beat since. One thing I like about that Canon is that it requires very little or no colour correction most of the time. With all the others I have used it is pretty much a necessity! Edited to add, the Canon D10 also has a pretty good screen to see accurately underwater.
I got a little Olympus UW camera and the buttons failed after a few minutes. Would only take video.
I’d purchased the extra warranty so used the gift card to get a GoPro. Best purchase ever. Who cares it doesn’t have a view screen because it takes in almost everything in front of it and it’s an easy fix if I really need to straighten the horizon.
Here is a shot that shows the wide view.

but a GoPro won’t work underwater will it?

No problems, GoPro has underwater housings.It’s not inexpensive though and it has certain limitations…Cheers,


but a GoPro won’t work underwater will it? yes goPRO comes with underwater housing and I like it. I was on the beach and than I decided to jump into the water .. check out video

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