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We just booked a trip through Funjet to stay at the Villas Sol Hotel over Easter week. Has anyone been there recently? I am a bit nervous because of the 2+ rating. We can probably change hotels for a fee if needed. Thanks.

We were there last Jan. and it an easy 3 – 3+. I am sure you will like it. Check out my pictures below and see what you think.

It is listed as a 2.5 with Funjet. I am assuming you thought it was ok? Yes we found it to our liking, I would say the hotel may me rated slightly ;ower them the vills but at very least a 3. Food was very good, good assortment at the buffet. Only one a La carte but food and service was very good.pool bar by the villas was very good during the day and the bar beside the buffet was a great place to sit in the evening and listen to a local band . Other then that not much action, but that was fine with us as we were up very early for 4 days to head off on tours.

There is a link to some pictures below, but mostly of our tours, only a few of the Villas Sol.

Thanks to both for the pictures! Does anyone know how Villas Sol compares to the Allegro in the same general area?

I checked out the Funjet site and there are some errors besides the rating….. they say white sand beach… not is blaack volcanic sand, they say no fitness room…at there was one in March 2006 located at the bottom of the hill next to the convienance store… thy mention a disc… I did not see any sign of this.

Hot tub yes… saw one near the villas pool, we omly went to the villa pool, it is shallow ant both ends about 4 ft deep in the middle.. do not know about the hotel pool perhaps Sunburn can fill us in on that…do not remember any tennis court… but they could still be there.

Can’t help with the hotel pool. We too used the villa pool. The food is good and the view from the restaurant is fantastic. I don’t remember seeing tennis courts.

Some of the restaurants in the area have great food also. Villa de Sueno, Gingers, Upper Deck Sports Bar, Crazy Fish, Crabby Monkey Restaurant & Bar and of course barbeque nights (Wed & Sat nights) at the El Velero just a short walk down the beach from your hotel. The lobster is to die for!

There are two pools at Villas Sol Hotel; the small, quiet pool is right beside the buffet and has the most gorgeous view over Papagayo Bay and the surrounding hills. It is very peaceful at sunset. The large pool with swim-up bar is a bit of a walk along a path behind the main buffet area and very pretty too. The disco, when we were there, was a boom box at the big pool in the evenings. They had a few music tapes but people brought their own too.The beach is black volcanic sand…..very hot to walk on in the sun….not a nice beach to lay on. Only a few white plastic loungers. The snorkeling was pretty good, not great but interesting for a few variety of fish we saw…….puffer fish, needle nose, sergeant-majors, etc. The draw to that area is the rainforest and other excursions. The hotel runs a shuttle up and down the big hill to the beach all day. Its a mightly steep climb coming back up. The resort is built into the hillside. I thought the food was excellent. It doesn’t have the variety you would find in a mega resort but what they served was top quality. The a la carte restaurant was wonderful too. It is located by the big pool.

The Villas Sol is a smaller resort than the Allegro. We enjoyed our stay there. Our room had a gorgeous view overlooking the Papagayo Bay.

Thanks to all of you for the info….I have a few more questions. We are staying in the hotel vs the villas. I am assuming we can use either pool? Are all the hotel rooms the same, or is there a specific building/area that would be better located to request? Do you make reservations for the ala-carte restaurant once you arrive, or should that be done before? Same question for day trips, do you recommend making reservations once you get there or by e-mail before (like to Vargus Tours)?

I was not in the hotel rooms at all so I cannot compare…. Yes you can use either pool… make you a la carte reservations once there.Highly suggest that you email vargas tours to set up your trips ahead of time so you are not disappointed by not being able to get where you want.

I stayed in the hotel rooms and it is one building. Our room was on the third floor (they all have balconies facing the ocean). I don’t think there is one better than the other. Yes, you can use all the pools. You book your a la carte at the buffet when you arrive. As far as excursions, we found booking through Allegro and Vargas tours much better than what the travel supplier offered through the hotel. Allegro lives just down the beach (visit him when you’ve settled in, or send him an email. You may want to see how the weather is for where you are going. I’m sure he can accommodate whatever excursions you want once you get there.) For us, we ended up meeting six other people at the hotel, made six new friends and, through Allegro (Michael Mills), hired a van and driver to take us everywhere. It was so great.

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