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Has anyone stayed at this resort ( Villas Vallarta)recently?? Do people staying at the Villas have full access to everything at Canto del Sol?? What is the best currency to take??

What is the best currency to take?? We always take the currency of the country we are visiting, in this case Mexican pesos. Tipping in pesos is a courtesy because the employee has currency she/he can use immediately rather than taking time to go to the bank to exchange.

US dollars are accepted. Many vendors will quote prices in dollars. Depending on the exchange at the time, more often than not the vendor comes out ahead in the transaction.

Thanks, but I really wanted to know if anyone had stayed here. Are there bikes to rent?? Any other info would be appreciated. After zooming about – I realized it would be best to take Pesos with us.

Sorry Marnie, I haven’t personally stayed at this resort so can’t comment on their amenities but I do have a few colleagues who are die-hard Puerto Vallarta fans and I’d be happy to get some info from my contacts.

Am I correct that you do mean the Villas part of the Canto del Sol resort or is the Villas Vallarta a different place?

We stayed at the Villas at Canto del Sol. It was great. Had full access to Hotel at a much cheaper rate.

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