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Is VIP service still available at Holguin airport? If so is it still $25CUC? I’m not convinced that it’s worthwhile but we haven’t been through the airport in March before.

I used the VIP service in November. I think it was 25 CUC and thought it was good value for money (free booze and good snacks). The airport wasn’t that busy in November, but I would definitely recommend it when the airport is busy and there aren’t any seats available in the departure area.

We used the VIP last March when we were coming home and it was worth every penny. The inside of the airport is NOT air conditioned and because its an international flight you have to be there a few hours before hand. There were three massive line ups that we would have needed to wait in, in order to check our baggage, etc. But with the VIP, a guy comes, checks you in right away, whisks you through the metal detector (actually stopped the line of non-VIP people and we cut in front of them.. HA!) and then off to A/C, leather couches, beers and snacks! It was a great way to end the vacation, and worth every cent. I plan on doing it again this year in Varadero!

We found it very worthwhile from flying back from Varadero 2 years ago – if nothing else it was smoke free -the main lounge stank of stale tobacco because nobody seemed to stay in the smoking areas!!

Does anyone know if the VIP Lounge is a Cuban Government or Gran Caribe service at airports or if it’s a local thing.I’m wondering if there’s some consistency in VIP between airports.

Yeah, I know, …. Es Cuba but … ?

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