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Are any of you aware of the virus going on at IV? I’ve read some very bad reviews on the Trip Advisor web site and it is not looking good at all… I’m all stressed out for my wedding in April 08. Some members of my family, especially my dad, were not to "happy" with me getting married in Cuba as he is not a beach person… He accepted to make me happy…. And this is the first trip for alot of people in our group….I tried to choose the best resort in Cuba, but now, it seems like the critics are going down… Have you heard anything?? This is really scary……. Like we needed that…

We were there last month and everyone was fine. We have friends visiting the IV this week so we’ll likely hear anything soon. They also are really good friends with one of the staff members.

High end hotels work hard not to have any health scares.

Thanks for reassuring me librajaco…. I didn’t sleep all night…. I’ve read that hundreds of people got very ill since october…………… Please ask your friends for comments when they get back…. The manager of the resort ever wrote a comment on the tripadvisor board saying he didn’t know what was going on, but they were having inspector comin in this week… so we’ll see…

Short for Iberostar Varadero

We just came back 1 week ago. There was 18 of us staying there. One of our guests got sick for a couple days, another was sick one evening. We think it may have been the flu, because we were all eating pretty much the same thing. It is flu seaon.
The resort is beautiful. I wouldn’t worry about it, too much. You’ll have a great time.

Thanks for the good news saskgirl306!!! I really appreciate it!

Hi, According to our friends, they didn’t see or hear of anyone getting sick– except for too much drinking. They did say though that it seemed really quiet this week. I hope whatever was going on is over. Best,


Thansk evrybody!!! This is good news!!!!


I’m getting married there as well in May 2008 and I was freaking out as well. I did some research and ask my TA to look into it. She got some response from reps who were currently stayin down there over the holidays and in January. They seem to think it is Norwok as opposed to food poisoning but they are aware of it and know it is a problem. The reps said that they are taking care of it and that a new case hasn’t been reported in 2 weeks which is good. Hope this calms your nerves a bit. I know exactly how you were feeling


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