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Clean rooms, small but lush grounds, friendly staff from grounds keepers up through management. I can’t say enough about the friendly staff, leadership comes from above and all the managers I spoke with were as friendly as could be.

Your Arrival: We arrived with the rest of the tourists so the check in was hectic. That’s not a bad thing….hectic but also quick and efficient.

The Sunwing was also there to greet us.

Rooms: Clean but basic, in fact very clean and the maid service was fabulous. I know many people leave a dollar on the pillow for the maid in return for good service. I do things different….if I get good service I tip at the end.

We got fabulous service each and every day and I made sure to search out the maid on the final day and left her a pretty good tip….she looked so suprised but it goes to show how good the service really was, even when I’m sure she thought we’d not be tipping.

Restaurants and Bars: Good food with plenty of variety.

I’m a very picker eater and usually lose weight on holidays. I’m sure I’ve gained a few kilos,

Beach/Pools/Grounds: The pool was small but well layed out. The mexican brought in 11.2 Billion square feet of white sand to repair the hurricane damage. I’m given to understand this was a smallish beach to begin with but it’s huge now.

One note to smokers….and I’m one. I smoke when I drink and I smoke on the beach….In fact I always seem to have a smoke in hand on vacation, how hard is it for us smokers to get off your behind and go get an ashtray to take to the beach?

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Great animation staff.

My previous frames of reference is two trips to Cuba and 3 to the Dominican….these folks were motivated, they enjoyed what they did and they obviously had competition for their jobs, the worked hard and it showed.

Other Comments: My only complaint is nothing to do with the resort but more to do with Sunwing.

To much time spent on the bus on the trip to Tulum/Xel-Ha… much to see but time was wasted on the bus waiting for people who could show up on time…..twice we waited for over 20 minutes and then spent time waiting for another bus because the first was to small.


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