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Does anyone know where I would go to catch the Vizual bus that goes from Varadero to Havana.

From another forum:

In response to the inquiry regarding transportation to Havana: The simplest thing is to go to the Viazul bus depot on Calle 36 in Varadero. Pick up a ticket for 10 dollars and enjoy the comfortable ride there. There are about three trips a day – you can enquire at the office or go to the Viazul website.
One warning: The bus stops half way for a bathroom break and refreshments. The prices of pop and beer are highly inflated at these places.Wrong change has been given back to inexperienced tourists.

martian Guest The Viazul Bus is one of the few things in Cuba that runs on time and (mostly) works as advertised. It’s a great way to travel between Varadero and Havana.Reservations are (almost) never needed, but if you’re traveling on a holiday or on the last bus in a Sunday and your schedule is tight then it’s a good idea to make a reservation.There are 4 buses daily between Varadero and Havana. The cost is 12 CUC one way. The station is at 36st & Autopista right in downtown Varadero.

I assume you’re interested in Old Havana. The bus makes one stop just after the Tunnel of Havana Harbor right in Old Havana before heading to the station. There used to be an almost official stop in front of the Museum of Music (3 blocks from the Museum of the Revolution) but lately drivers are picking randomly where they will stop in Old Havana although usually will be in the same perimeter of the Museum of the Revolution.In any case, I assume you’ll want to jump out at the first stop and start your tour there.When leaving Havana you must go to the Viazul Station which is in Vedado, in front of the Zoo.Note: When you get to the bus station you’ll be approached by someone wanting to sell you a seat in a taxi instead. Don’t be intimidated, this is a legit enterprise with taxis competing with the bus. They’ll offer you a seat for a few more CUCs than the bus costs, but the advantage is that it’ll be way faster and they’ll take you directly to your destination instead of simply being dropped at the bus station.A few points to remember… Tell the driver where you’re going and confirm that the price includes a drop-off right at your address. Take a look at the taxi and who else is going… you don’t want to be stuck in the back of a broken down Lada between two big guys carrying chickens.Generally though the taxis offer a great alternative service, so check them out before you go inside the station and confirm a bus seat.

Have fun.

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