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Hi Everyone,I am looking for a smaller resort, not requiring much walking in the mayan or PV area for my Dad. They would like GREAT service and food. They are in their late 60’s

Anyone have any ideas?

well most of the high end resorts are complexes and huge. in p.v. you will get more choices for smaller resorts but they are older resorts, so it depends on what you expect from your resort and holiday. In the mayan the smaller resorts tend to be less starred unless you go to a resort like sensatori (sp?) or now resorts, or karisma resorts. they all tend to be high end, smaller and great in general. but once again you can get great food and service at a 3 star, so it really depends on what they want/ like and how much they want to spend.

Price is not a factor…number of stars that the resort has is not a factor.They want very good food, service and a small resort.

Since there are direct flights from Victoria bc to either mayan or PV that is why I am focusing on that.

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