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We are looking at all the possible oppurtunities and are wondering if anyone can help up.We are thinking of NOT going all inclusive for 2006. How cheap or affordable is it to eat and drink in Belize?Thank you, Deputy343
I am in the middle of researching this myself.I have received books, brochures and info from Belize already – they are very helpful.Im on my way to work right now , so PM me , and i will send you a bunch of links that will help you.Halle
We went to Belize in Feb 2004. We did not go to any all-inclusives and arranged travel inland by bus. It was no problem but you have to be willing to meet and mix with the locals. We also travelled to Ambergris Cay, Cay Caulker and finally to Tobacco Cay. I recommend Cay Caulker it’s a funky little town-very safe and definately not mainstream. Ambergris Cay is more spread-out and not too our liking as it’s too large. If you need a larger resort type place this may suit you better though! We finished our holiday at tobacco cay and loved it. It’s right on the reef and is only a very small spit of sand with about seven small resorts on it. If you go be sure to bring your own snacks as there is no store but the board at the resorts includes all meals (but maybe no snacks later! We also went inland by bus to San Ignatio and went on a cave tour that was later in national geographic. A side trip to the ruins in Guatamala was taken and is recommended. We stayed at the ruins at one of the two hotels there. It’s the way to go as you get to see the ruins after the tourists have gone and lets you take sunrise/set photos of the ruins.We had no problems getting around or finding a clean, affordable place to stay. Just look around when you arrive for something in your price range. We typically spent $35-$70/day US. Don’t bother to rent a car it’s too much $ unless you have a group. Also get out of Belize City ASAP there is nothing there as an attraction. If going by water taxi go to the water taxi depot directly-don’t waste your time looking around Belize City.Hope this helps.

PS We really enjoyed our time there.

I visited Hopkins, Belize, which is where Hamanasi and Jaguar reef are. I took my three children and husband. I did not intend to stay in Hopkins but when we passed through I saw the beauty and we decided to stop for the day because that was all we could have afforded at these big resorts. I ended up staying for two weeks because this lady rented us her house, which was about forty feet from the beach. The house was empty because she now lives in Dangriga. It was a concrete building
(Belizean style Bungalow) and had two bedrooms, one toilet, kitchen, refrigerator, stove, two beds and a beautiful yard with mango, orange, lemons and coconut trees. She charged us only $100US a day for all five of us combined. SO THAT WAS LIKE $20 A DAY FOR each person. We cooked our own food and saved a lot of money. That was not the end the lady’s husband is a fisherman and he took us to the islands for the whole day to fish and snorkel for $200. Hopkins is beautiful and that nice lady still has that house for rent. It was so cheap we left her a nice tip. Her email is [email protected]

Hi, we are considering Belize as a possible destination, for our family of 6. Not sure to do all-inclusive or try renting. What is the cost of eating and drinking out? Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. We are also thinking of cuba. This will probably our only family getaway as hour kids are leaving the nest soon.

Leverpints!!Thank you so much for your information, I think I will try to email that lady and see if she still rents out her house, although it may not be for this year it will definately be for next.

That is just exactly what I am looking for

I am looking for a fully furnished place to rent in Belize for two months (January and February). Ideally, I would like 3 bedrooms, but I’m okay with a 2 bedroom place. Please let me know of where I can look for local accomodations like this. Thanks.

I have found this place in Debbies resort reviews under villas. It is called the Oceans Edge and has I do believe everything you need. Just go in there and have a look. They have their email address and lots of pictures for you to look at also

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