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I don’t know anything about Costa Rica except that everyone says it’s very nice. We want to go, but where?We love the beaches of Cuba, can put up with OK food, but not bad food, like AI’s and doing some trips away from the resort. We want safe, we don’t travel with kids but don’t mind a resort with them as long as it’s not over run with them. Clean rooms and friendly people.geez after re reading this, maybe we should go back to Cuba haha

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Definitely not going to get the beautiful beaches in Costa Rica like they have in Cuba. Keep that in mind. When were you thinking of going? That kind make a difference because of the school kids in Costa Rica being out for a few weeks.
I’ll admit that it was a while ago, but we did a Costa Rica ecotour with an outfit called Costa Rican Trails. It was certainly different than your average AI beach package, and it wasn’t inexpensive, but we would do it again when funds are available. You were pretty well in a different 4/5 star hotel every night or two and you had the van to yourselves (just you and the driver/guide). We hit various locations like a working cattle ranch, a lodge up in the rainforest, Poas and Arenal Volcanos etc. My review and photos are still up at www.worldisround.com/articles/26847/index.html
There’s lots to see and do in Costa Rica, and as to what particularly depends on the amount of time you have and what your interests are – we have a "Costa Rica Fun Guide" on our site that may help – but the best approach is to look at the activities available to you, whether siteseeing, adventure activities, nature tours and of course, beaches, and use the what to set the where

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We are looking for quiet & tranquil…..scuba diving and snorkelling. Media Luna looks like the place for us.

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