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Hi, decided to give cruising a try this winter, our friends are big water drinkers and they are worried there won’t be any water available other than at meals and the bottles in the room which have to be purchased. Can they fill their water bottles free of charge during meals? Any restrictions on bringing water back from port of calls? Thanks for all answers
usually water is avible to drink on boardThe water is pretty good, same water that would be in tea, coffee or soup

Bottle water is over rated

My husband and I were on Carnival Liberty in Nov, 09 and yes water is available…and free as well. There are the 1 litre bottles in your room that you can buy for $3.50 I think. Around the buffets, there are free coffee, tea, ice tea, fruit juices and water along with ice. The water is not bad. It tastes a little like chlorine, but at least it is free. It is available 24/7. We also had free soft ice cream 24 hours a day.

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