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The most amazing thing about this hotel is the fantastic view of sunset in the evenings but I would say that the prices can be ridiculous sometimes, in my opinion; the foods are highly priced compared to some hotels I know. It’s a cheap hotel for those who are on a budget and I stayed here because I was not able to book earlier dates for the hotel I was supposed to stay in. I have a mixed feeling about the restaurant in this hotel though, I think it’s over priced and this not a typical feature of any Dominican restaurant so most of the three days I spent here, I usually eat out at Tipico Alberto that is located just three minutes from Waterfront hotel. Asides from the restaurant, I felt good about the great views from the rooms in this hotel as well as the beach access. The rooms are clean but nothing special about them. The staff sometimes was a little rude but I also met some nice working staff who was really caring and attentive to my needs and willing to help. There was no AC in the room I stayed and like I said nothing special about this hotel. The location of the place is great because it’s on the edge of town which means less noise and less traffic. Lest I forget, there was no TV either so all in all, it was a nice place and nothing extravagant or extraordinary here. I don’t think I would be coming back here again but you can try it if you want.

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