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Interesting, but I wish they would put more emphasis on underwater performance, which is the only reason I can see for buying one of these cameras. (or perhaps to take on the water in situations where the odds of getting very wet are high).

I still prefer the results I get with my Canon D10 to anything I have used or seen in a camera of this size.

I got my goPro 3 Silver and I like it but I would not say that it is the best for recording underwater specially as it doesn’t have LCD screen for viewing. I was always fan of Canon but last time I got Nikon and I am so far very satisfied as for the price I paid was great deal. What camera brand do you guys usually buy?

What camera brand do you guys usually buy? I started off with an Olympus 790 SW. I can’t complain, I got some good pictures with that camera and it served me well until it started to get glitchy and I made the decision to keep it out of the water. Next up was a Pentax Optio W80, not a result of research but because I got it free with AirMiles. I also picked up a cheap ($100) Olympus as a backup, but that one didn’t last long before it leaked. The Pentax still works and is my second backup camera, but number one for the last few years has been the Canon D10…….I have two of them! I started having some issues with my first, but then I sealed up the com port and so far that seems to have solved my issues. I also have a GoPro 3 plus, which is fun for videos but not so good for stills. My last trip I "wore" the GoPro, which left my hands free for the Canon.
What camera brand do you guys usually buy? I have always used Canon for underwater and above, I like the build etc and I have become familiar with the menus and button positions without having to look each time which really helps when underwater. It’s a familiarisation thing rather than anything else.I use a Canon 7d with an Ikelite housing with a GoPro attached on an arm to record video whilst diving at the moment. I use a Canon G1 X Mk II as a back up which I really love as it’s half the size of the 7d in its housing and gives fantastic quality images. (I also have the the first G1-X, but that had a few issues with the focusing, so I would avoid that if you come across it).

I have a couple of dive trips coming up soon and I have already decided to just take my little Canon G1-X Mk II on one of the trips to save lugging a big camera case on flights.

I love GoPros Admin, they can be set on a wide setting so you would have to be pretty wild if you miss the subject your aiming at…lol. : )


My little GoPro Hero is my favourite P&S too. But what a pain to switch from Stills to Video.With its iPhone control/program App, the "Black" Edition is singing to me but hasn’t caught my wallet yet. Just a matter of time, LOL.
Hey Spunky app will work on both Android and iPhone as I have Android phone and it works nice but not recommended to use it under water unless you have Samsung Galaxy 5
By the way I have Silver edition so no need for Black edition.

I use my Ipod to communicate with my GoPro, but only on dry land! It is useful for changing settings and for reviewing footage you have shot. In practice, I strap the GoPro to my chest and just turn it on when I want to take a video. Sometimes I set it up to take stills at intervals as well, but I don’t take them manually.

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