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After a very tedious journey we are finally booked at the Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton (jr. suite). We had been booked since last September, but for some reason Nolitours decided to cancel the trip home from Mo Bay on April 30. We found out on January 2 from our TA. They refunded us our money and sheesh were to go from there. After looking at many, many tour sites, we found that Transat Holidays were opening up rooms and flights (found out on Tuesday). Booked it Tuesday night. We are off to go to the Lady Hamilton, Air Transat, Club Class, yahooo!!! We are not in our one bedroom suite that we originally booked, but we are hoping that we can upgrade to at least oceanfront junior suite when we get there, we shall see (I will request that when I email them). It is for a 60th birthday celebration, so we are all happy right now. It worked out for the best I suppose. We are kind of travel snobs as we like the Club Class on Air Transat (which is generally who we fly with). So keep your fingers crossed that we don’t run into any more trouble…

Off to Jamaica and counting!

awesome for you..hope you enjoy!
Club Class on Air Transat is great…so at least you have a great start to your vacation….the rest should be fine too…..

Thanks Monctonguy – so looking forward to it! 39 days and counting. We have travelled Club Class quite a bit, we love it and love the fact that we get spoiled from start to finish! In any event, will post a review when I get back. Looking foward to some fun in the sun!

Just flew Club Class there and back…wouldn’t want it any other way…

I hope there is some sun for your fun. That was the 1 thing I was disappointed about my trip to Jamaica…only 1.5 days of sun for the whole week….

Looking forward to your review!

Monctonguy…so nasty to spend that kinda money and get lousy weather….if only we could change that!Club Class…they best way to fly. I’m 6′ and let me tell you the seats in economy are brutal. We are flying Club Class to Punta Cana which is great but the trip the the Bahia in Jamaica…not so lucky as the club was all gone. So now I will have to rough it out in the bulkhead seats with "options plus". Hopefully there will be enough leg room for me there.

I sure hope the weather will be better last week of April for us!

Sunlover…who are you flying with to Jamaica??? We just released 4 club class seats as our family coming down on April 24 had been double booked – too bad you are flying out of N.S.

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