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If I went to Roatan the end of Dec………..will I be in the rainy season. Anywhere I could check about the weather in DEc.

wossa Guest Bay Islands Weather and Climate Overview: The climate is tropical with a rainy season from mid-October to late November. While Roatan?s median temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, its waters are equally warm. Almost-constant trade winds cool the island year-round. The island?s indiginous exotic trees and plants are kept healthy by ample annual rainfall. Honduras is not in the main path of the hurricanes. They typically turn north to the United States and Mexico – Minus Hurricane Mitch. Balmy temperatures range from 77? to 84? F year around with the trade winds providing a gentle breeze helping to keep the humidity low. Rainfall averages about 80 inches a year, mostly occurring in the late fall. However, even in the rainy season the weather in Roatan can be compared to that of Florida; periodic showers with plenty of Sun. This rain rarely compromises the diving. The evenings are generally cooler because of the prevailing trade winds blowing in from the southeast. Inland temperatures vary with altitude, but generally pleasant all year round. The Bay Islands are approximately 1,100 miles due south and a bit to the east of New Orleans. The islands support a warm tropical climate that averages in the mid 80s during the day and mid 70s at night. The humidity is much milder than New Orleans, and Miami creating a dryer atmosphere. The trade winds are mostly constant providing comfort throughout the year. The Caribbean rainy season that is usually very slight in the Bay Islands runs approximately from mid November to February. Like all tropical paradises there are mosquitos and sand gnats also called (noseeums). The use of standard repellents will ward off these varmints. Clothing should be comfortable and cool, shorts and light weight cotton pants are recommended. Even for the evening the dress is casual for the better restaurants.

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Might be worth trying these for info as well…..

Wossa…. ;D

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