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Can anyone tell me (truthfully) what the weather is like in Antigua? We are planning on a trip in February for our anniversary but I was a bit discouraged after reading a few different reviews online saying "it rains – A LOT" in Antigua. Would really appreciate any information – or should I say… some reassurance that we would most likely have beautiful, sunny, gorgeous weather. Thanks!

We were in Antigua for the first time 2 years ago………………… was beautiful.the weather was glorious…only rained once for a quick shower. I checked a weather site for Antigua before we left……….it was very accurate…………..sunny. Where are you staying. We loved Antigua and would like to return.

Thank you sunny1234!
That is encouraging news! We were married in St. Thomas last year. my 2nd time there, my husbands 1st and we just went back for our first anniversary but next year would like to venture out somewhere new. Antigua looks to be our next adventure. I just wanted to be assured of lots of sunshine! So thanks! Looking at Jolly Beach all inclusive. any comments or suggestions on that?

I was there in late January this year. There was 1 full day of rain (the locals were saying it was really unusual). For the rest of the 3 weeks it was mostly sunny with the occasion heavy shower. From previous trips I would say that rain is always a possibility, but it doesn’t last long and soon dries up (no signs of it ever raining in the first place!)

I’ve not stayed at Jolly Beach, but always hear good things. If you get a chance rent a car and explore the island a bit. There are loads of nice beaches and scenery. Also try out Shirley Heights on Sunday afternoon/evening for a BBQ and live music (or other days for a great view and meal or drink), and Dennis’s at Ffryes Bay is nice for lunch (near to Jolly Beach).

I agree with is great to get out and explore and get a feel for the island………….always felt safe. Heard excellent reviews regarding Eli’s Eco tour but it was booked up when we were there. Eli is from Antigua and takes people around the island in his boat. Check reviews in Debbie’s under trips/activities. We stayed at Grand Pineapple and they took us over to Bird Island for snorkeling/lunch etc. Also went to Green Island for snorkeling. Antigua is lovely and I am sure you will have a wonderful time.

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