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Thinking ahead to my winter vacation and wondering what is the weather like in Cayo coco or other parts of Cuba in December? We went to Cuba in January a few years back and it was too windy and cold to go in the water is that normal for that time of year seeing as it’s not too far from Florida?

If it’s cool in Florida it is often cool in north Cuba. I was at Jibacoa one December and the temperature dipped overnight to 2C in Matanzas! Only time I have ever worn my Canadian winter jacket in Cuba! Granted, that is not the norm, but if you are in search of reliably warm weather, look at Santiago de Cuba. The resorts there are mostly 3 star and the beaches aren’t as nice, but the weather is almost guaranteed.

And Cayo Largo can be quite a bit warmer too.
With beautiful beaches to boot.

Definitely it will not be as hot as now or in summer but there will be much warmer than in Canada. I was in Cayo Largo for example in December and weather was fabulous but it is not always rule. You can expect some winds and clear sky.

I love Cayo Largo, and being in the Caribbean it is generally warmer than the Atlantic side of Cuba. That said, it can be windy and I have spent some cool days there. But you can’t beat the beaches!

In the dead of winter, I think anyone who can deal with a three star hotel is well served by the south coast of Cuba. Santiago will likely provide the weather you are looking for…..

We will have to check out Santiago. Can’t beat an eeeefarm invite and it’s all 3 Stars anyway.
Now, how to book the GC/Bravo Coral on CL from Canada. Any enterprising TA’s out there?

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