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We are hoping to travel to Panama (Royal Decameron) at the end of October. Our travel book tells us that October is one of the rainier months, although that’s what the book said about Cuba and we didn’t find it very rainy there at all, and we went 2 Octobers in a row.
What experience has anybody had with October/early November weather in Panama? Should we reconsider the dates?

Hi Spuds,

Our trip to Panama the year we went was in October. You could set your watch to 3 pm every day when the rain came and it didn’t stop until the middle of the night. The morning and early afternoon were always hot and sunny. We couldn’t swim in the ocean at any time during the week as the currents were very strong and the red flag was up. It was the only vacation I have ever been restricted to a pool. The area is beautiful; the Panama Canal is awesome and the shopping is fabulous. The RD resort is wonderful but the rainforest is so lush because of the wet season.

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