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My fiance and I are getting married at the Iberostar Varadero in January. After the supper we were just going to go to the disco. If we burn some songs on Cd will they play that for the nite or do they play decent music. Also does anyone know if the pool area is available to rent for the toasts and first dance?
The DJ will play some songs on your cd for you but they play decent music. Some very up to date stuff and some old stuff when we were there. It was a fun night.

As for renting the pool area, not sure about this. We did our first dance right after our ceremony, it was nice and it worked as the live trio was still there. We didn’t have any toasts persay but our bestman gave a little one at dinner.

I was just married at the Iberostar!! You will have an amazing time We never bought any of our own music but the disco plays good music. I’ve never heard of renting out the pool area at night….there was always quite a few people around the pool taking pics and such and blocking it off would cut people off from getting where they need to go.

I wonder… IV is such a popular place for weddings, and if we would go to the disco for entertainment wouldn’t it be pack with other newlyweds? Not that I mind it, but to be at the disco with quater of girls in white wedding dresses probably wouldn’t be exciting….

We were the only wedding at the resort on our wedding day so it wouldn’t of been an issue. You can always ask if there are more weddings that day.

I don’t remember seeing any other brides or wedding parties on my wedding day. Sometimes you can rent the pool bar but it is exspensive, like 10 or 15 CUC per person. I do know about another bride who rented the pool bar and was really happy she did. My group was happy just partying at the bar!

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