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I got my wedding certificate the other day in the mail, and it was all in spanish..I thought there would be something else with it telling me what to do in regards to getting it translated into English so that I can change my name…how do I go about doing this..We live in Newfoundland, and I think I heard it has to be sent to Ottawa?…does anyone know where I can find info on this?

I had mine translated here in Halifax for $40. In the end, every place I went to change over id’s etc didn’t even ask for it. Including Motor vehicle and Passport office!

Check with the multi-cultural center in your area. They should have a translator there. Then you don’t have to mail it out and be worried about something happening to it in the mail.

Google ‘Certified Translators’ in your area and you should find something. I think I had mine done for about $45 in Ottawa.

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