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Has anybody who’s been married at the IV had a dance afterward? We really want to dance and will definitely go to the disco, but we also want a few special songs played as well and I’m not sure if the dj at the disco will play them for us. I’m thinking we should bring our own cd player just in case. Any thoughts?

I agree, the dj will play your wedding song for you. I would bring your own CD, just in case he doesn’t have your song.

We had our first dance right after our dinner. We asked the restaurant to play our CD and they had no problem. We danced at night by the lit-up pool; it was really pretty.

I was married in Cuba and the DJ played music all night. The only thing I would have clarified with him before the party was that the "First Dance" and "Father-Daughter"Dance were important to me and to have an annoucement. My husband gave the dj the cds, and then he just played them. No one could tell that they were specifically chosen songs.

I looked into getting a room for a provate party after the dinner so we could have dances, however they charge either 300 or 500 CUC for the location for one hour, dependng on the one you choose.I’d say your best bet is to bring music and have it in the disco.
I will be bringing our own CD as well. I plan on copying JanBrides idea if at all possible. I think it’s very romantic. The restaurants are always playing music so I think this should be doable. Just have to find a first song! LOL. What’s everyone having?
Was a little confused……. Did someone have the first dance at the restaurant (they played your Cd) ?

Just booked my date for May 17th.. at IBerostar…YEAAH

JanBride was married at an Iberostar in Punta Cana. I am hoping the Iberostar Varadero will be able to play our cd for our first dance. The restaurant is right next to the pool, would be so neat.

Even though I was married at an Iberostar in Punta Cana, I recently stayed at the Iberostar Varadero.The Cuban restaurant has almost the same set-up by the pool as the IB in Punta Cana.

We didn’t go by the pool at night during our stay at the IB Varadero, but I’m sure the pool has to be lit up for safety reasons. It’s quite private and a nice place for a first dance.

yhz2 Guest

The pool at the IB Varadero is definitely lit up at night and it’s beautiful!!! If you are having your wedding dinner at the Cuban restaurant I can’t see that it would be a problem for them to play your CD so that you could dance by the pool (although I can’t honestly remember having music playing when we were at the Cuban restaurant)

i’m not sure if we’re going to have our first dance on the beach after the ceremony or in the restaurant. that is a good idea too newfie2. our first song will be "Take it With Me" by Tom Waits.

I am sure we will dance on the beach after the ceramony, as the trio will be there. I like the idea of the pool dance too, this will get the evening started.

Newfie2 – did you hire music for your wedding through the resort? I didn’t know this was an option…Can you let me know of any details if so.Thanks again


The trio is included with the wedding package girl, so sit back and relax! LOL.

Dance by the pool I plan on getting the restaurant to play a CD.

Did any of you get to dance by the pool after, because Belkis told me they cant do it, and that it would have to be after the ceremony??

Nope, didn’t get to do it. They are not set up to do it by the pool. We danced our first dance after our ceramony and honestly it was fine for us. THe trio is really something and we loved it, for us we wouldn’t change it.

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