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Hi ladies!It’s me, PTP, I haven’t been on here in well over a year – I’ve been so swamped with work, but now I have some down time.

So my better half of 6 years and I got engaged last month! ;D We decided without a doubt that we want to get married in Cuba. However, because we’re newbies to the whole wedding planning thing, we have a lot of questions

We have decided that it will be in Varadero during March Break of 2009 (probably the last week of March). We haven’t decided yet which resort. I’ve heard/read many great things about IV and Breezes Varadero…any advice???How far in advance did you ladies send your invites? My fiance wants to have them sent out by this mid-February. That’s giving our guests 1 year and 1 month notice. We want to give people ample time to save and book time off work, but is this too much notice? I don’t want people to forget! *lol*My second question, did you put your wedding date on the invites or just the whole week???? I read in many books that you have to have a 2 or 3 day residency before you can get married there. If our departure is a Sat., Sun., or Mon., it could dramatically change our wedding date (for example, if we wanted it to be on a Wednesday).Did you ladies book your resort first to confirm availablity and such before sending out the invites? Out wedding is 14 months away, is it too early to book???

Thanks for your help, from a very confused bride-to-be!

Our daughter was married in the DR in May 2007. We sent out the invites with all the info re booking, costs, etc in early September 2006, with confirmation deposits due at the end of October. We had the resort booked and the date confirmed before we sent out the invites. Some people send out a little card early with the location & dates of the trip so that people can start planning – you may want to send these "Save the dates’ right away and then follow up with the official invitation when you get closer to the date. It is a wonderful time – have fun planning and congradulations.

We got married in January 2006, had our save the dates out by Feb.2005 and booked everyone by July 2005. We booked the number we needed to keep our group rate and if anyone had decided after the fact to join us they could book later. We had set a date but they won’t confirm it officially till they get your sheet which is usually 4 weeks before you leave.We didn’t hand out any official invites until the day before our wedding, we had the hotel slip everyone their invite the night before.We left on a Sunday and we got married on the Wednesday, the wedding coordinator even told us we could have gotten married on the Tuesday.Good luck and congrats.

Any other questions we’d be happy to help!! From one Cuban bride to another!!!

What kind of invites did you tropical brides choose??? ;D

Hi,I was told by our travel agent that we need to have a date tentatively booked at the resort of choice (which is TBD based on our upcoming research trip)Message in a bottle is an awesome idea, check to see how much postage is going to cost, this is why i opted against the message in a bottle, too many invites to send.

We are doing custom made old world passports – this way a bunch of paper fits into one neat little passport booklet and all booking info can be included as well. You are welcome to snag the idea, I stole it from "the Today Show" if you google for "today show" destination wedding you’ll see the inspiration for our invite.

Good luck planning, Ciao!A.Engaged: November 8, 2007Wedding Date: Varadero Cuba February 2009Resort: TBD

Amarillis,I LOVE the idea of a passport for an invitation! It would be perfect to add info about the country/customs/sights/etc.I searched in google for the idea, and search the Today Show site, but I couldn’t find what you were talking about. Do you have the link?Thanks in advance!


Hi PTP! Congrats!! We put together hand made invites with tropical colours and a big palm tree stamp on everything. We then made a wedding website with Wedquarters and the website address on the invites for everyone to look at the resort details, dates, travel agent info, resort info and other links. The website was really easy to use and very inexpensive to buy. We sent our invites out 7 months in advance for the same reasons you are – so everyone has time to plan to come. At Christmas I made sure to send all the guests a Christmas card with a little newsletter to remind them about the wedding and the website to keep them updated.I did put the wedding date on our invites, but due to a change just a month before our departure date with Signature Vacations (not planned, very annoying, but we dealt with it!), we had to change the wedding date to two days later so it ended up being different anyway. I was married at Breezes Varadero and it was just perfect! If you have any questions or want to see photos send me a PM and I will send them to you!!

Happy planning!

Hi PTP,Congrats on your engagement. I also got engaged recently. I am getting married in July 2009, I am planning to send out save the date cards around July 2008 with info about the resort, which is the Gran Bahia Principe Maya Riviera, so they can arrange for time off and save money. Then at the usual time send out the invites for the wedding. I would recommend getting in touch with a Travel Agent or someone who organizes destination weddings, they will do everything for you, they will talk to the wedding coordinator for you in case there is a language barrier. I went to a wedding show and talked to a lady that organizes destination wedding and she told me about the one year notice with the save the date cards with the info of the resort.Hope i didn’t confuse you, and happy planning.

if you have any other questions or you think you have any advice for me just let me know. I can use some help too.

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